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Policies and Procedures

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Lessons and classes can not begin until payment for the semester received in full.

Make up and Cancellations

All students are required to attend scheduled classes. If a student does not appear for a lesson and the teacher is not notified, that lesson will be charged as a regular lesson.

In the event of a family emergency or illness, students may call to cancel a class. If possible, it is common courtesy to provide a 24 hour notification of cancellation. There are no make-ups for missed group classes.

Students are financially responsible for all classes, including those not attended, if not properly cancelled.

Each teacher may schedule make-up classes at their discretion, and may not exceed TWO per semester. If personal circumstances require special consideration for scheduling or cancellations, a formal request must be made to the teacher and/or the Director.

Make-up lessons canceled by the student will not be rescheduled and are considered completed.

All lessons cancelled due to the teacher’s absence or weather-related closings will be made up.


Lessons may be cancelled through the first week of a semester, and a refund will be given for all lessons not taken. After the first week no refunds will be given. If you decide to discontinue lessons you must inform both the teacher and the director of the Academy. If you do not inform anyone and your child does not show up, you will not be refunded for the lessons.

Additional Information

The Academy reserves the right to substitute any teacher with another instructor of an equivalent background.

We expect all students to act responsibly at all times within the school. If your child is disrupting lessons of others we reserve the right to expel him/her.

The Bedford Academy of Music is not responsible for any accidents happening to the students inside or outside of the building.

Please DO NOT leave your children unattended, especially in the parking lot. We ask all Parents/ Caregivers to be on time to pick up the child/children.